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Waxes & Butters

Natural butters and waxes are obtained from natural sources including nuts, beans, and kernels. They are typically thicker in consistency than lotions and creams as they are devoid of water. Thanks to the presence of fatty acids, these butters are usually solid at room temperature. 
These butters add stability, viscosity, and, at times, hardness when they are introduced to natural emulsions and formulations. 
To determine the quality of a natural butter, its aroma, consistency, method of extraction, and the rate of absorption should be taken into consideration. Also, the presence of tocopherols, natural fatty acids, and sun protection factor should be considered. 

Shea Butter


Mango Butter


Coco Butter


Bees wax


Walnut powder


Our Waxes & Butters:

These are naturally extracted Butters and Waxes

  • Natural butters are used as a base in cosmetic formulations to provide moisturizing properties

  • Butters will maintain the skin and hair in good shape

  • Refreshes and rejuvenates skin

  • Moisturizes skin without causing greasiness

For your Waxes & Butter needs:

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