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The Leadership Speaks

Establishing a noteworthy position in the industry, here's a message from our Mentor:

" Being true to our vision, we are today a global leader supplying a wide range of innovative products to over 103 countries. These include the world's leading brands. Let me take this opportunity to thank our team, who are doing an excellent job, our business network, and clientele throughout the country and our loyal customers who have loved our products. Our products touch the lives of billions of people every day and this to us is an opportunity and a responsibility.

Saffron Biotech has grown gracefully since 2006, and it is growing beautifully. We are using natural ingredients from the ancient sciences of Ayurveda to create our natural skincare products. Today, all our products which are Made in India are in high demand in export and local markets. It is a privilege to have growth, sustainability, and reliability instilled within our firm. We are moving towards prosperity and we will continue to do so. "

Yogin Soni

Managing Director

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