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How to make Shampoo

The simplest and easiest method to make creative soaps at home is through the Melt -&- Pour Process. These recipes are easy and fun to make at home — even with kids — and you won’t have to deal with the potential dangers of working with lye or learn the chemistry of the saponification process. You can create your own custom shape, color, fragrance soaps. Your creativity is the limit for these recipes.


1. Choose your Soap Base

The first thing you'll need is a good Soap Base. This sets the tone of your soap and is going to be the base for all your creativity. You can choose from various variants of Soap Base depending upon your requirements. We recommend to Start with the Transparent Soap Base. This is versatile and you'll get a lot of options with what you can create. Other options that you can explore are Fruity bases like Papaya, Green Apple, premium Bases like Golden or Silver base, or other flavored variants. You can get all the variety of Soap Bases from us.

2. Choose your Fragrance & Colors

Next you choose cosmetic grade fragrances & colors. Fragrances are usually the essence of any soap. The smell lingers and rejuvenates us long after we have used the soap, therefore it is important for your soap to smell good, and smell right. Essential Oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds from plants. They are natural oils, which give a good fragrance to your Soaps. There are fruity fragrances, floral, Elegant perfume smells & Flavors. You can get the Cosmetic Fragrances from us. The colors give the soaps the look and feel. You can have the liberty to be creative but you should know what colors to use and when. We have Cosmetic Colors also. The Water-Based Colors are to be generally used for The Oil- Based Colors are to be generally used for

The Neon Colors are to be used

3. Choose a Mold

Molds give the shape to your soaps. Always buy Silicon molds as they are perfect to contain a hot liquid and cool it quickly. The Molds are of several shapes and sizes. You can get a square, rectangle, circular, oval & designer soap molds in 50 gms, 75 gms & 100 gms. The mold palette comes in single or multi-cavity. You can get designer molds of all kinds, whether you want letter shaped soaps to cartoon characters. You just have to find the right mold for your soaps. You can get Soap Molds from here.

4. Making the Soap

You now have all the basic ingredients. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Put the Soap base in a heat-safe metal container and start to heat it gently. Microwaving is not preferred. We need to heat it slowly for the impurities to evaporate and get thick melted soap base.

  2. Stir the base such that everything is melted evenly & add the fragrance. The ideal amount of fragrance to be added is 1 Teaspoon per Kilogram of Soap base. Stir it such that the fragrance is evenly distributed through the base.

  3. Add color to the solution, the ideal amount is 1 Teaspoon per Kilogram of Soap Base.

  4. Heat the base evenly and pour the molten base in the mold. Fill it closely and to the brim as it won't expand when cooled down.

  5. You can strain the solution before pouring to make sure you don't get any sweating or impurities in the soap.

You can add a variety of other things in your soaps to make it more effective & creative. You can add Shea butter, Coco butter, Bees wax to nourish your skin. You can also add various Herbal extracts to enhance the effects of the Soap.

After you are done with the 5 steps, The soaps will take atleast an hour to harden. You can let it cool down and then unmold it. And Voila! You have your very own creatively Handmade Soap.

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