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  • What are your products?
    You can see all our products here: Products Contact us for your enquiries regarding any products.
  • How can you contact us?
    You can contact us during office hours on: Contact Us You can Whatsapp Us. Due to high inflow of queries, It is possible that we are unable to attend you. In such a case please drop in a message on Whatsapp in above link and we will revert you back.
  • What is the pricing of our products?
    We are a FMCG products manufacturing company having a wide range of products. We usually deal with bulk orders, Pricing is set according to the quantity of your orders. We suggest you to discuss with us your order requirements and we will give you the best prices in the market. The pricing of products changes as per changes in Raw material pricing and Market Conditions.
  • Are our products Natural and Herbal?
    Yes, Our Soaps & Soap Bases are Natural and Safe. They do not contain any harmful chemicals. 🌱 SLS free Paraben Free Alcohol free No Animal Origin Made from Pure Vegetable Oils and Coconut Oils. Our Surfactants and other products are next to natural products, we have developed our products using international standards and Ayurvedic Herbal Sciences.
  • Do we do private labelling / Can you outsource manufacturing with us?
    Yes, we do private labelling for brands. We have a wide global clientele who have outsourced manufacturing with us, We have worked with more than 200 brands. You can contact us for consultation and manufacturing if you want to start your own Cosmetic/ Skincare/ Healthcare Label.
  • Do we export our products for international markets?
    Yes, we do export our products all across the world. We have exported to more than 137 countries, our products have received much appreciation in the international markets. We provide great products as per international standards. We export under private labelling as well as our own brand.
  • Do we provide Soap Bases in smaller quantities on retail?
    We are bulk manufacturers and deal with companies who private label their products with us. Yes, you can buy Soap bases and our other products in retail if you are based in Ahmedabad. You can collect your order from our office (Address). We do not provide Door-Delivery, you will have to collect the Order from C.G. Road address (Ahmedabad). If you are based anywhere else across India, You can Contact us, and we can send you the order via courier. Fright charges will apply.
  • Why is it taking time for processing and delivering your order?
    We are working very efficiently to process your orders. It may get delayed due to the current Corona Virus Situation and Lockdown rules. The manufacturing cycle depends upon a lot of uncertain factors. While we work our best to deliver to you as fast as possible, patience is really appreciated. Glycerin Soaps are subject to weather conditions, the moisture/heat in air may cause delay to dispatch your order. In case you want to enquire regarding your order, we suggest you to drop in a message on Whatsapp. We will connect with you regarding your order from our side once it is processed. Please do not enquire repeatedly everyday on our contact info. Your support and patience is very valuable for us.
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